Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, They Do Stink

Okay, now I’m sick of the Republican Party, the party I worshipped for most of my life.  There can never be a time of going back to the Party; they have removed themselves from the land of the rational.  Consider that Newt Gingrich sits atop the current polls in a horrible display of a party gone absolutely mad.  What is it the Republican voters want; do they want the unremorseful adulterer who screwed around while his wife was battling cancer?  Or do they want the ethically challenged maverick forced to pay $130,000 for ethics violations while in congress.  Perhaps it’s
the allure of making Newt the head of the treasury where he can use the same restraint he used running up a half million on a revolving account balance at Tiffany’s.   Republicans also apparently want the famous Gingrich trait of uncompromising arrogance plus a dash of disdain for the poor.  He says poor kids should become janitors to learn how to do something useful…AND when he says such a thing his damned poll numbers shoot up. 
Now we get treated to a debate moderated by Donald Trump.  This is a presidential election right not a game show?  Oh, the honor of the Donald, a man who still talks up doubts about Obama’s birth place.  To Mr. Trump it seems possible that some vast conspiracy developed when Barac was born and his birth certificate was forged.  This evidently was because the all knowing handlers at the time knew that a black man named Barac Obama would definitely become president some day, so they had to set the table WHEN HE WAS BORN.  The worst thing is that many in the Republican Party agreed, (the majority of Republicans???), with Donald until the President actually showed his long birth form.   Up till then Donald Trump was the leading Republican candidate, because apparently he can fire people on a TV show.  However; as recently as yesterday, Trump was still saying he had doubts about the President’s birth place.  It was less than refreshing to see Gingrich seeking out Trump for a photo shoot. 
Talking about conspiracies, what about 9/11 and the Truth movement.  The right wing skewered anyone who hinted  there was something a little strange about the first three steel frame skyscrapers in history completely collapsing on the same day right into their footprint at near freefall speed; even one building that wasn’t hit by a plane.  Note that as farfetched as any 9/11 conspiracy is, any 9/11 conspiracy questioning the physics of buildings falling the way they did is infinitely more rational than any birther conspiracy.  Yet, Donald Trump is given a place of prominence in the right wing media and given a seat of moderating honor at the next Republican debate.  Well let’s for a minute consider all of those folks in any position of prominence, (even scientists and engineers), fired due to the hyper shrill conservative character assassination against anyone questioning the 9/11 commission report.  But these same screamers see nothing wrong with Donald Trump moderating a Republican presidential debate?  The hypocrisy is undeniable.  Are Republicans in a trance?  They might be trolls. 
I say fire Donald, but that doesn’t matter, his hair will never move.  The Republican Party has become an abomination and I don’t see any way back from their abyss.  Fire them all.

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