Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do We Deserve This?

Really, this is the America we live in?  Newt is taking off and reason is taking a holiday.  There is an entire segment of our population, a rather large segment; that would seriously consider putting this proven arrogant menace in charge of the most powerful post in the world, (by the way, it’s the only world we have).  The cliché of the President of the US being the most powerful person in the world is not hyperbole; it is in actuality true, (in something called REAL TIME).  Yes, there are other people with huge influence on the world, but none hold a candle to the position of President.  Any US President in our current world has numerous opportunities for mayhem.  The President can go to war, make questionable treaties, go wild with executive orders, insult another world leader, test the limits of their power, etc…
Mr. Gingrich violated congressional rules because
he was unethical, it’s as simple as that.  His more recent $1.5 million haul from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac was, well, for historical services rendered?  HE’S basically a con man.
You’d think folks giving him their votes in the polls must be granting Newt a mulligan or they don’t know who he is, but that doesn’t seem to be the case; people genuinely are taking to him with knowledge of his rather huge character missteps.
The Newster speaks lowly of the current President and that excites the base, so I hear.  He’s eloquent and can get into a heated debate with the best of ‘em.  He’ll punch Obama in the mouth with words, something Mitt Romney has trouble with.  So the party is picking the unethical con man brawler.  Oh yeah, and then there were those marriage infidelities, (yes, with more than one wife). 
Go Newt!  He won’t lie to you...until he lies to you.  When he’s President though, you can be sure he’ll be a changed man, a 68 year old grandpa as he likes to say.  Good luck.
We are coming dangerously close to a Gingrich nomination.  Many assume he would lose in the general election, but no one knows what might happen in that race.  What if the economy starts collapsing again at election time?  We might actually get Gingrich as President of the United States of America.  Oh, and one more important thing in these days of need for a more responsible congress; Newt is one of the most divisive congressional members in history, many saying he’s mainly responsible for setting off the vicious rhetoric and gridlock between the parties that has lasted from the late nineties into present times.  Woo hoo!  Really, this is the America we live in?

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