Thursday, November 17, 2011


Spoiler alert - do not read this if you do not like Obama it might drive you insane.

Yes, Mr. Obama has presided over a horrible economic number, that being unemployment around 9% for a looong time.  He has failed to get the US out of Guantanamo although he promised to do so when running for office.  Barac cannot get action out of congress and that led to the countries credit rating being downgraded.  The deficit has soared to unimaginable heights but…
Has it EVER occurred to anyone that Barac Obama might someday, not too many years from now, be considered one of the best Presidents in history?  He came to office when many were predicting an economic collapse to rival the great depression because of the previous administrations catastrophic mistakes…(do people remember exactly what the Bush/Cheney team did to wreck the American way of life..heck, they made people like the idea of 7% unemployment, torture, the Patriot Act and Keifer). 
Al Qaeda is folding, we are pulling out of Iraq, a sea captain is alive because of Obama decisiveness, now Osama is dead, the auto companies still exist, Barac with the will of his own convictions insisted we save 700,000 lives in Libya where Khadaffi met life ending metrics.  This President compromises; many might feel too much, but those compromises helped avoid a government shut down and a credit default.  He is a model citizen and father who genuinely makes quite an effort it seems to care for his family.  This leader is exceptional.

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