Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy This! Continued

The Occupy Wall Street folks continue their escapades, sleeping in parks and marching and carrying all kinds of banners.  It’s a reckoning of sorts.  I guess the rich are presupposing that American folks have been spoiled.  Learning to use muscle and limited knowledge had helped carry the manufacturing sector laborers to near upper middle class heights, but those efforts are now being blunted by cheap foreign labor and companies making dough on the roll on the backs of those foreign folks.  Hell, foreign labor is smarter and more industrious.   Even executives from foreign countries have their game in the bag, learning in US universities, hobnobbing with the best minds.  The playing field is being evened out worldwide and United States citizens are losing the game. 
Republicans want to play this game.  They want company profits to remain as high as possible, so exporting jobs is natural to them.  Also, making jobs pay less in the US, with workers rights diminished is very appealing as it promotes leaner, higher profit companies.
The companies that make higher profits due to congressional intervention reward the politicians that support them with legislation.  That makes American citizens unimportant…the almighty buck is global in its appeal.  That might be why Occupy Wall Street is happening, the middle class of America is going away quickly as the money grabbers hurdle toward the shine of coin and enhance their standing at the expense of the chattel.

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