Monday, November 5, 2012

A Little Anger

If Mitt Romney wins the election Tuesday then so be it.  We have ample warning that his administration eill be a disaster.   He flip flops on nearly every position, he is awkward dealing with anyone outside of wealthy plutocrats and he says very incendiary things, especially about important international topics.  The worst indictment I have about the man is his absolute refusal to release more than two years of his damn taxes.  As citizens we should outraged at this act of snubbery by someone considering the solemn duty of running the levers of government, it's unbelievable his defiance is tolerated at all.  This is certainly an act of a man hiding something rather horrible and nearly half the country is considering voting for him?  If we do this act of voting suicide we thoroughly deserve the tragedies to come, richly.  If we vote for Obama then okay, we just escaped horrors that I cannot fathom the country embracing.   If Romney wins, within a few days and maybe just a few hours I submit the world will mourn the chance that was just lost.  It will truly be a moment of hatefullness as the power hungry man with no social conscience bears his teeth summoning disasters and strife into life.  No future President will be able to repair what happens after Romney becomes the boss.  It's as clear as day.

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