Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who's More Anti

Mitt Romney, the Republicans and the 24 hour Fox propaganda machine is talking about how Barack Obama is anti-American.  The latest rant is due to Obama claiming that business owners didn’t make it by themselves; they had help along the way.  Obama says that things like roads and bridges, teachers and the American system helped entrepreneurs along their way to success.  The GOP is using this talking point to bludgeon the President as an out of touch socialist, perhaps communist, who has no idea how businesses work.
First, what Barack said is completely true.  No one makes it in this world without help.  Without teachers we would be ignorant.  Without roads and bridges we would find the costs of bringing goods to market too high.  Without the American system ideas could be stolen and the country might function more like Mexico where starting a business means bargaining with a drug cartel.  Of course, these things don’t matter to the sycophants who have decided that Obama is anti-American because he states something that should be obvious. 
Now, let’s consider how anti-American the President is.  He has brought Al-Qaeda to its knees.  He ordered the raid and subsequent death of Osama Bin Laden.  He saved the auto industry.  He rushed to Washington prior to the last Presidential election and cajoled Democrats  to work with Republicans to implement TARP to save our very economy.  Those are not things anti-American Presidents would be expected to do.
Mitt Romney on the other hand hides much of his vast wealth overseas to avoid taxes.  He refuses to let us see more than two years of his tax returns in spite of urgings to release more by his own party, (is he perhaps hiding paying no taxes in prior years?)  Mitt’s work at Bain Capital was actually a revolutionary way to scale businesses but the effect was to reduce wages and eliminate many higher paying jobs to line the private equity firm’s pockets.  Mitt made hundreds of millions while disenfranchising thousands of hard working Americans.  Yes, companies like Staples succeeded because of Bain’s funding, but their employees were made to work rather hard for far lower pay than existed in the years before Bain streamlined big corporate America.  Only Bain and the top executives at firms they funded had a net gain for all the pain Bain inflicted upon the employees that used to earn a nice living.  Mitt Willard Romney seems more anti-American to me than anyone who has ever run for the country’s top office.    

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