Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mitt Romney's Journey to the Center

Romney may need a more serious mode of
transportation, he has a ways to go
Mitt Romney has always been known by his moderate views (something we cherish here) but, the Republican primary was not good to him. During this time he took positions on things that only a couple of years ago would have caused a room of gasps so intense no oxygen would remain. Today the Republican party has taken some extreme positions and just seem to be digging deeper.

When I started this blog, it was with the intention of shedding light on the crazy things that happen in the government in a way that is easy to understand, because lets face it we are busy. What I did not expect is the incredible conservative turn that would occur. 

Since the primary Mitt Romney has knocked his landmark healthcare legislation that the people in Massachusetts overwhelmingly enjoy, banning abortion regardless of the situation, says that global warming is not caused by humans, wants to get rid of the EPA, wants to eliminate the Department of Education, make cuts to Social Security and ...
well the list goes on. I suggest you look it up.

The point is that during the primaries Romney took positions that are much more polarizing positions then he previously held. Now that the primaries are over, if he wants to become president he is going to need to start moving back to his previously held positions that are more toughly thought out and work better with the facts. It is pretty disturbing to see some of the things that came out of the Republican primaries. Sadly, for the most part most people are only now just beginning to tune in and see what the candidates say. This should benefit Romney as I believe that many people won't even believe what was said by the candidates. 

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