Monday, January 30, 2012

This Is Not What Mitt Will Do

It is an amazing time in America.  We have a President who has a comprehensive grip on the most powerful post in the world.  He knows what he is doing; he gets it and understands the nuances of just about every crisis he encounters and handles nearly all of it with charm, grace and intelligence far beyond anything pedestrian, but the intelligence is measured and experienced, and makes sure it listens to wisdom.  Obama uses collaborative efforts, reason, thought processes, time, facts, constant and repeated respect for making well thought out and argued decisions.  Barack rules with aplomb and does not embarrass America abroad, but rather brings us closer to the world, in line with the sensibilities of those human beings that exist elsewhere and in very large numbers.

Even though isolationist thought runs deeply through conservative beings that despise the current Commander and Chief, even they must realize the world is going to intrude and needs attention; a rather blatant reality.  Even while making the rest of the world respect and admire the USA more, the President always has his eye on protecting with great vigilance and enhancing the American experience.  He brooks nonsense none from the violators of the world, those who would commit malicious acts against the country.  He counters his backbone of pure steel with a smile that comes from a soul that shines.  It is surely a pleasure to call Barak Obama President of the United States.

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