Monday, September 26, 2011

Extremist of the Week

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  1. Ann Coulter has been quite a voice for the ultra-conservative movement. The rioting in England was without a doubt disturbing and many young people behaved criminally. No one was quite sure what the trigger was, but some assumed that it was partially set off by cuts in social programs. There were other underlying reasons to be sure and some new technological ones as well, like Twitter and Facebook contributing to fanning the flames of youth in a state of unease. Whatever the reason(s), it was not pretty; however, Ms. Coulter used the ugliness to express ugliness.

    I think many people feel extreme feelings when seeing rioting because it is a frightening loss of societal control. Riots stir deep emotions. Coulter pounces on that opportunity with wicked language about how the rioters are all animals who only eat, screw and drink. She also mentions this is a result of unwed mothers being coddled by the government giving birth to newly minted handout seeking monsters. I believe such language affects everyone at a level below the conscious when said while viewing disturbing images. The Coulterspeak locks into a bond with the dispicable rioting pictures and forcefully pushes her ideas into part of the metaworld people get stuck in their subconscious. What happens is that many folks seeing the broadcast may unknowingly harbor some ill will for government assistance and unwed mothers' children, even if they never held that view before. It is an intential brain trick with the intent of altering viewers perceptions of the world. Conservatives, like Ann Coulter, have been using this type of trick on the public with vigor for many years now.

    With a conservative juggernaut network like Fox behind them they get away with it over and over and American society ends up being led down a road they want us to go. How this network is allowed to continue in this country is alarming, considering the parent company is the one in trouble in ENGLAND for compromising the press, the police, and the politicians so they could reap billions in scoops, which was possibly the biggest reason for the riots.